Mencintai itu..bukan paksaan..
Ia hadir tanpa diminta..
Ia datang tanpa diundang..

Mencintai itu..bukan kepastian..
Kadangkala manis..
Kadangkala pahit..
Kadangkala bertahan..
Kadangkala putus di tengah jalan..

Mencintai itu..diluar jangkaan..

Tapi percayalah..
Mencintai itu..tidak pernah bermula dgn pembohongan..
Mencintai itu..tidak semuanya bahagia..
Mencintai itu..tidak semestinya berakhir sempurna..
Mencintai itu..tidak pernah adil..

Penuh kekhilafan..
Tidak sempurna ..
Hanya merancang..
Maaf jika trluka..
Biar Tuhan yang tahu sakitku bagaimana..

God is fair

God is fair..
He make u suffer when i am well..

God is fair..
He make ur dreams come true when i mention i wanna get married..

God is fair..
He make us buy some time to be with each other..

God is fair..
He make u stay with me when coz he knows without u i might be lost..

God is fair..
He make me realize that every wrong doing will not stay forever..

God is just…fair..

I cant live…

I dont know how cn i live without u b..
How cn i live when every single second u r there beside me..with me..
How cn i live when u r me n i m u..
How cn i live if ur love is no longer there..
I m such a mess rite mess..
I cant think straight..
I cant focus on my work..
I cant do anythin right..
This happen just bcoz i kept on imagining life without u..
Its not even happening in reality yet..
I just cant live without u..